Ducted vs Split Air Conditioners – What’s Better?

Choosing the most suitable Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioners are becoming more popular in the house as well as workplaces and retail malls. Each room has a duct system that brings the air in from a central place that has been treated. Large spaces benefit significantly from the even cooling provided by ducted air conditioners.


Ducted Or Split Air Conditioners?

A ducted or wall-mounted split air conditioner is your best option if you plan on cooling an entire home or workplace. Both of them will keep your room cold, but there are a lot of differences between the two options.

By having separate compressors and indoor units for every room, a wall-mounted split system varies from ducted air conditioning. Instead of using ducts, the indoor and outdoor units are connected by piping. Because you can regulate the temperature in each room individually with this system, it has a lot of appeal. However, nowadays, there are models of ducted aircon machines that allow you to do this kind of feature. While one person is exercising on a treadmill with the AC on full blast, another person can sit back and enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own home.


Ducted Air Conditioning Benefits 


Even though both systems are based on similar principles, the installation process is vastly different. Vents must be put in every room and the central unit outdoors to operate ductless air conditioning. Designing ductless air conditioning systems for buildings rather than retrofitting existing ones saves time and money.

Due to piping instead of ducting, split systems are easier to install than traditional systems. The piping will still need to be installed in your home, but this is less significant than the ductwork that needs to be installed. Instead of vents, each room will have an evaporator unit fixed on the wall.

Ducted systems are more expensive, to begin with, because of the additional costs of equipment and installation. It becomes more cost-effective to use rather than individual split systems as a building grows larger.

Cleaning and Maintenance


Every year, you should have a professional inspect your ducted air conditioner. They can inspect the system to determine if it is working properly and if it needs any repairs. Filters need to be replaced at least twice a year to catch debris. In addition, you should perform regular self-inspections to ensure that everything is working properly. We advise you to call in an expert to evaluate the system and fix the problem for any weird noises or malfunctions.

Even though many homeowners keep their split systems in good working order, it’s ideal to have a professional come out regularly to check them. In addition, they’ll be able to correct problems before they turn into disasters and keep your machine running at its optimal efficiency. To ensure that the system is working properly, the units and coils should be cleaned regularly. Filters in split systems should also be cleaned regularly.




Aesthetically, the two systems are vastly different. They both have units on the exterior, which most homeowners choose to hide behind fences or other privacy barriers. It’s almost impossible to tell that a ducted system is in your home unless you see the vents or the controller on your wall. However, split systems are more noticeable since their indoor units are oblong boxes that hang high up on the walls, making them more noticeable.

In terms of decorating, they can be difficult for some individuals to ignore, while others may find them distracting. Whether or not this is a problem is a matter of personal preference.