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Viruz-X FAQs

Are the filters proven technology

Yes. All filters and their technology have been tested over many years to perform at the highest levels. See Filters.

Do I need to replace the filters?

Yes. Filters can only be effective if they are changed at recommended intervals. See Filters.

Why is Viruz- X so economical to use?

It has twin 48 Volt motors using only 80 watts of power every hour. This equates to less than $0.02 cents per hour if power costs $0.24 cents per KW.

How can Viruz-X know when pollution is present?

A high quality American Amphenol Sensor reads the incoming air for pollution and automatically selects the speed at which the Viruz-X operates to cleanse the air quickly.

How do I know how many units are needed?

See chart ‘Recommended Air Changes (Viruz-X units required) per hour.

How often should I operate my Viruz-X?

The Viruz-X is designed so that it can operate continuously. The more operating time the Viruz-X is used will mean earlier filter changes to ensure only pure sanitized air is released.

Does Viruz-X only kill Viruses?

No. Viruz-X has six proven filters to cleanse the air of not only viruses but also pollution.

Is there a child lock on the Viruz-X?

Yes. With the unit in operating mode, press the “Speed” button firmly and hold down for 3-5 seconds. A padlock light appears on readout. To remove, push the “Speed” button again until the padlock light goes out.

Will I get long term performance from my Viruz-X?

Yes. The effect of an air purifier is measured to identify its cumulative clean mass (CCM). This is the most relative metric to evaluate the long term efficiency of an air purifier. Viruz-X has a P4/F4 rating. This is the highest rating.

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