How can AC Filter protect you from COVID?

COVID-19 altered the course of everyone’s life, and epidemiologists continue to learn new things about the virus even months after the outbreak began.  

Scientists discovered how COVID-19 is transferred: investigations and evidence indicate that it is primarily transmitted by respiratory droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. However, as summer approaches, you may ask whether air conditioning can transmit COVID-19.

Although the World Health Organization has not recognized the possibility of contagious virus particles flying in the air, some experts assert. In truth, no one has the absolute answer. However, we can tell that air conditioners, when not adequately maintained and AC filters are not cleaned regularly,  can affect the quality air inside our homes and buildings.


Is Coronavirus Airborne? How can indoor air filtration help?

The majority of air conditioners are designed to circulate air. If the coronavirus is airborne, having outdated and dirty aircon filters can expose people to high levels of the virus and aggravate their symptoms if they are already sick. The advice made to COVID-19 patients is to breathe clean, healthy air.

In principle, whether or not we have COVID, any other airborne sickness or virus might make us sick, particularly when we share space with others. The most effective strategy to prevent allergies and respiratory disorders is to ensure that our homes and businesses have adequate indoor air quality.


Why Air Conditioner filters should be cleaned regularly?

Every two weeks, air conditioner filters should be cleaned. Weekly cleaning is recommended if you live in a dusty or polluted environment. Cleaning the filter is part of the maintenance that air conditioners should reduce air pollutants and extend the AC unit’s life.

Manufacturers typically recommend changing the AC filters every 30 to 60 days unless you have no pets. Then alone, you may prolong the interval to up to six months. However, for preventative measures during this period, when cleaning, don’t hesitate to replace it if you see damage on the filter.