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Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner – 30,000 and 36,000 BTU (HA)

Recommend solar accessories:

Solar Panels: 260W-350W polycrystalline solar crystalline-solar-panels/) or monocrystalline PV modules panels/mono-crystalline-solar-panels/)

Q’ty of Solar Panels: 3

Solar Panel Array: All in series

Connection Method: MC4 Connector

Batteries: NOT required

Solar Charge Controller: NOT required

There are two power supplies for AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners:

220V/50-60Hz/1Ph AC grid power and 50V-380V DC solar power.

When the sun is shining, 50V-380V DC solar power will be the main power supplier for hybrid solar air conditioners. DC power generated by solar panels will be 100% consumed as a priority.  The surplus power will be supplied to the power grid.

There is a power supply auto-balance distribution system inside SISACS solar air conditioner.

When the sunshine is strong, less power supply is required from grid power.  When sunshine is weak, more power is required from grid power.

And when there is no sunshine (in cloudy/rainy days or after sunset), there will be no electricity generated by solar panels, then the hybrid solar air conditioners will be 100% powered by AC grid power.

Specification Sheet of SISACS hybrid solar air conditioners         9 kw and 10.5kw
Power supplyPH-V-HZ1Ph, 220-240V, 50/60Hz1Ph, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
VDC 50-360VDC 50-360V
CoolingCapacity                     Btu/h30000 (6000-32000)36000 (6500-37500)
Input        W2450 (320-3210)2850 (320-3510)
Rated current   A11.13(1.45-14.59)12.95 (1.45-15.95)
EER        W/W3.523.51
HeatingCapacity                     Btu/h31000(6500-33000)37500 (7000-39000)
Input        W2580 (350-3350)3000 (350-3650)
Rated current   A11.72 (1.59-15.22)13.63 (1.59-16.59)
COP 3.533.67
Moisture Removal            L/h3.63.6
Max. input consumption        W35003800
Max. current               A15.9117.27
CompressorModel  ATF235D22TMTDA250S2C-20FZ
Capacity         Btu/h2429326195
Thermal protector  NONO
Thermal protector position EXTERNALEXTERNAL
Capacitor      uFNONO
Refrigerant oil/oil charge  mlRB75EA/670 ccRB75EA/720 cc
Indoor fan motorModel  SIC-55CVL-F159-1 (ZKFP58-8-1)SIC-55CVL-F159-1 (ZKFP58-8-1)
Input           W58 58 
Capacitor       uFNONO
Speed (Hi/Mi/Lo)r/min1300/1050/850 1300/1050/850 
Indoor coila.  Number of rows 
b. Tube pitch(a)x    row pitch(b)  mm21×13.3721×13.37
c. Fin spacing                mm1.3 1.3 
d. Fin type (code) Hydrophilic aluminumHydrophilic aluminum
e. Tube outside dia. and type mmΦ7,inner groove tubeΦ7,inner groove tube
f. Coil length x height x width  mm780x315x26.74780x315x26.74
g. Number of circuits 
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo)m3/h970/780/590970/780/590
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo)dB(A)45/36/31.545/36/31.5
Indoor unitDimension(W*D*H)mm1040×220×3271040×220×327
Packing   (W*D*H)mm1120x310x4051120x310x405
Net/Gross weight  Kg11.9/15.211.9/15.2
Outdoor fan motorModel  SIC-71FW-F1120-3 (WZDK120-38G)SIC-71FW-F1120-3 (WZDK120-38G)
Input           W8080
Capacitor     uFNONO
Speed        r/min10001000
Outdoor coila. Number of rows 44
b. Tube pitch(a)x   row pitch(b)   mm21×1321*13
c. Fin spacing                mm1.51.5
d. Fin type (code) blindblind
e. Tube outside dia.and type mmΦ2, inner groove tubeΦ2, inner groove tube
f. Coil length x height x width  mm1031*762*391031*762*39
g. Number of circuits 33
h. Material and coatings Hydrophilic aluminumHydrophilic aluminum
Outdoor air flow            m3/h38003800
Outdoor noise level        dB(A)6464
Outdoor unitDimension(W*D*H)mm946x410x810946x410x810
Packing (W*D*H)mm1090x500x8601090x500x860
Net/Gross weight  Kg65/7365/73
Refrigerant type and charge volumegR410a (2600)R410a (3000)
Design pressure  MPa4.3/1.54.3/1.5
Refrigerant pipingLiquid side/ Gas side  mm(inch)5/8   3/85/8   3/8
Max. refrigerant pipe lengthm3030
Max. difference in level     m1515
Drain pipe sizemm1818
Connection wiring    m4.34.3
Plug type   
Thermostat type NTCNTC
Operation temp              17~3017~30
Ambient temp (cooling/heating)18-52/-15-3418-52/-15-34
Application area            m240-5547-63
Qty’ per 20’ /40’ /40’HQ     45/90/10945/90/109
Refrigerant pipingIn side / Out side  mm15.88/14.08    9.52/8.1215.88/14.08    9.52/8.12
Cabined material Galvanized Steel SheetGalvanized Steel Sheet



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