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Creating a solution

Air conditioning issues

For many years we have been concerned that the quality of the air we breathe indoors is not creating health and well being. In most climates, some form of air conditioning is required but there are many issues with current air conditioning technology.

Cool or warm air is recycled over and over again by modern air conditioners. The air becomes more polluted and unhealthy. If the air conditioner has a filtration unit then it is often neglected and this makes the problem worse.

Models Available

Ducted Air conditioning in models to 30kW

Split systems available in 6 models from 2.7kW to 10.4kW

Fresh air

SISACS constantly introduces 100% fresh non-recycled air to all indoor areas. The constant introduction of filtered fresh air sets SISACS apart from the rest.

Healthy air

SISACS system continually cleanses air of germs, allergens and pollutants. This means healthy air for you, all the time.

Novel technology

SISACS Hybrid is a 48 volt DC off grid Air Conditioning System in a range of six split systems from 2.7kw to 10.5kw and fully ducted units for commercial and domestic use.


SISACS hybrid technology is more efficient than traditional air conditioners and requires much less energy to operate. This means savings for you.


Hybrid power in one machine. 48 VDC from solar and battery as primary power source. Backup for solar / batteries from the grid


Cool air from inside the building is constantly inducted into the ceiling cavity before being expelled to the outside of the building. This helps maintain the temperature in your living areas.

Clean Air

SISACS Ducted system incorporates a 5 stage filtration system to clean the air before it enters the premises.

Carbon Dioxide

SISACS will soon provide the latest technology for extraction of carbon dioxide when the unit is operating.


SISACS monitors your air and acts as an intelligent smoke alarm system in all vented indoor areas.

Calls for help

When SISACS detects smoke it can send a fire alarm message automatically to your nominated emergency service.


When smoke is detected SISACS shuts down the air conditioning and closes all vents to starve the fire of oxygen.

Remote control

SISACS is designed for remote monitoring and control so you can regulate the indoor temperature before you get home.
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